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Keep Your Coffee Hot Throughout The Day

Thermal Coffee Pots: Keep Your Coffee Hot Throughout The Day

True coffee addicts know that a carafe of the good stuff is only good when it is hot, unless of course they preferred iced coffee. For those that do care for hot coffee, it is important to note that if their favorite caffeinated beverage is allowed to cool off, it loses its flavor. This is why thermal coffee pots are so popular amongst those that true coffee aficionados. Even those coffee aficionados who prefer iced coffee may benefit from investing in a well-chosen thermal coffee pot.

Thermal coffee pots my resemble regular coffee pots in terms of dimensions, but what sets them apart from their lesser counterparts is their ability to keep the contents at a temperature as close to their initial temperature as possible. That is to say that if hot coffee was to be poured into a thermal coffee pot and a normal glass carafe, the thermal coffee pot would retain that heat better regardless of ambient heat conditions. This is generally true of iced coffee as well, but not always. To understand why, a little education on thermodynamics is required, checkout the link for more information.

The world around us seems to be constantly trying to balance in many different ways. One of these ways is via the exchange of heat, or thermal energies, between different liquids, solids and gases. Brew a fresh pot of coffee and the energy contained within quickly seeks to balance with the ambient air outside. If the air outside is kept at nearly 200 Fahrenheit, then there will be little need to balance. Since most people tend to prefer dual digit temperatures, there will inevitably be some balancing.

Thermal coffee pots cannot stop this balance from taking place, only delay it substantially. This is accomplished in many different ways, but the most common method is to employ an internal air pocket and thermally resistant materials. Some materials simply conduct heat better than others, and most gases tend to conduct heat very poorly. By creating an inner carafe that is surrounded by a thin layer of air and only supported by thin strips of thermally resistant solid materials, it is possible to create a situation in which the temperature inside thermal coffee pots is retained longer despite external conditions.

Keep Your Coffee Hot Throughout The Day

Remember that this is only temporary and not all materials have the same thermal resistance at different temperature ranges. That is to say that some thermal coffee pots can keep a pot of coffee hot and relatively fresh all day long but may be ineffective at keeping iced coffee cold for extended periods. The opposite may also be true; thermal coffee pots meant for iced coffee may be far less effective when it comes to keeping coffee hot than they are at keeping iced coffee cold. There are also thermal coffee pots that do a fairly good job at keeping hot coffee hot and cold coffee cold.

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